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Please leave laser cutting, cutting, bending, laser welding to Limited Company Takami Industries located in Nagoya City of Aichi Prefecture.
We are a group of professionals in laser processing which will ensure processing of metal materials such as stainless steel in small lot with minimum delivery time.

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"We put the connection between People first. Out aim is to be a company Trusted by our Customer. "

I spend every day of my life without giving up positive thinking and always remembering ambition which can never be satisfied with current state. Having chosen Never ending "Go Forward" as our corporate philosophy, we strive every day in order to be of service to our Customer, and are making the most of our corporate strength - the vitality of skilled craftsmen and young manpower.

Takami Industries, Limited Company
President and Chief Executive Officer, Minoru Tanaka

Takami Industries, Limited Company President and Chief Executive Officer, Minoru Tanaka

Since our foundation in 2000, we have always thought about our Customers first and have grown through our relationships with Customers. "We have overcome times when our biggest Customers have went bankrupt, and surviving such a crisis was possible due to President Tanaka and all employees efforts. We are confident that we gained trust as a sustainable and reliable manufacturer."
In 2013 Takami Industries entrusted Minoru Tanaka to become CEO and I have made one step back to continue efforts in supporting the company to the best of my abilities.
We ask for your support and cooperation.

Takami Industries, Limited Company
Chairman of the Board, Ryuji Machida

Takami Industries, Limited Company Chairman of the Board,  Ryuji Machida

"Three Reasons" our Customer trust Takami Industries

Since our foundation, we have been promoting the business as a professional in stainless steel cutting.

1). We perform cutting of various shapes using in-house kept inventory of stainless steel plates of different thickness.
2). We perform immediate processing and shipment.
3). We have additional options of cutting, bending and welding available.

Originally founded as a machine factory with only one used laser cutting machine in possession, we managed to rent neighboring plants facilities and currently purchased 3 laser cutting machines, one small size bending machine, one middle size hybrid bending machine and one cutting machine. From 2011 our company employees were joined by skilled artisans of spot welding which made it possible to start bending and welding of complex shaped stainless plates and we daily expand the limits of our capacity. In March 2016 we have introduced a new laser welding machine. This piece of equipment provides nearly "Complete welding". We can support both two and three-dimensional works aiming to support our Customers by all means. Please contact us for most challenging tasks.

Fulfilling 98% of Customer Request!

Fulfilling 98% of Customer Request image

We are professionals of stainless steel processing. Please leave processing of all plate thicknesses of all shapes, bending and welding to us. We make it possible to perform even the most challenging Customer requests in areas of stainless steel processing in 98% of times. Please contact us regarding the most challenging inquiries about difficult to process metal materials.

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Minimum delivery time of just 1 Day possible!

Minimum delivery time of just 1 Day possible! image

Our company holds inventory of plates in-house and we have mastered the latest technology by using our state-of-the-art processing machines. And even more important, we have great passion to help and be useful to our Customers. Please contact us - a company which makes same day processing and same day shipment possible for you.

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Full knowledge of laser processing
Group of Professionals

Laser processing Group of Professionals image

We have been raising and training our young specialists since our foundation day. We have grown and become more professional to become a professional company in stainless steel processing due to our relationships with Customer. Our Customers can rely on us knowing we have the most advanced equipment and techniques to operate that equipment as well as High Quality, Ultra-short Delivery Lead-times and Reasonable Pricing policy.

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Company Profile

Company Name Takami Industries, Limited Company
Location 〒455-0832 Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya City, Houjin 1-66
Established Year 2000
Capital Stock 14 million yen
President and Chief Executive Officer Minoru Tanaka
Board Chairman Ryuji Machida
Non-executive Director Fumihiko Matsuyuki
Number of employees 15 people
Banks Bank of Nagoya, The Okazaki Shinkin Bank
Main Businesses Laser fusing processing, cutting processing, bending, spot welding, laser welding
Owned Equipment 3 Laser cutting machines: Shibuya SPL3830, Shibuya SPL3730, Nissan Tanaka LMS4000
One Cutting machine: Aizawa Iron AST-1613
Two bending machines: Amada HD1303, Amada RG1005
Two Spot welding machines
One Laser welding machine (Laser welding center): Amada FLW600MT3
Takami Industries, Limited Company Employees image

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〒455-0832 Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya City, Houjin 1-66

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Telephone:052-389-5611 FAX:052-389-5612 Hours|Weekdays9:00〜17:00

Accept inquiries from all locations in Japan *For inquiries from distant locations reply timing might be slightly delayed

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