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Please leave laser cutting, cutting, bending, laser welding to Limited Company Takami Industries located in Nagoya City of Aichi Prefecture.
We are a group of professionals in laser processing which will ensure processing of metal materials such as stainless steel in small lot with minimum delivery time.

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In order for you to know Takami Kogyo better

Please refer to the list of frequently asked questions. If you have any questions about us or any questions or inquiries about our products, please feel free to contact us using the following inquiry form.

About Materials and Size

What materials are possible to process?

We handle stainless steel, iron, aluminum, titanium and high alloy materials.

What is the thickness possible for processes of laser fusing, bending and laser welding?

Although it varies depending on the processing type, in general thickness limitation of laser fusing is up to 0.1mm〜22mm(SUS), bending range is 0.3mm〜12mm, fiber welding range is 0.2mm〜3mm, spot welding limitation is up to 3mm and TIG welding is highly flexible.

What is the accuracy of processing.

Processing with accuracy of ± 0.3mm units is possible. (Laser tolerance)

About Processing Conditions

What kind of processing is possible in addition to the laser processing?

Our company performs bending, welding and shearing processing.

Can you produce a product without drawings in case I bring actual part?

Yes, we can produce any product after confirming size and making CAD drawings confirming important points in meetings with Customer.

About Delivery

Is short production lead time possible?

Although being different depending on the working process, materials etc., minimum of same day shipment is possible delivery timing. Please contact us for more details.

How fast can I receive a quotation?

Although being different depending on material and processing process, in case of quotation based on primary drawings, next morning quotation (1day) is possible.

About Lot size

What is the minimum lot size?

Prototypes are machined from one piece. Mass production parts are also machined from 1 pcs.

About Quality

What is the limitation of dimensional tolerance?

In case of laser processing standard accuracy is ±0.3mm.

How high is the Quality?

Because we are using only most advanced equipment, we are confident that offered products will satisfy our Customer.

About Secondary Processing

Can you provide surface processing such as quenching or plating?

Our company provides surface polishing as secondary processing.

About Packaging and Delivery

Will you organize delivery?

In case of close locations, our company car will deliver the product. In case of further locations we will work with a shipment company and can usually guarantee next morning delivery for most regions inside Japan.

What is the packaging style used?

Takami Industries considers products to be our Customers Treasure. And we deliver this Treasure with most responsibility.
After strict inspection we package the part so that upon delivery our Customer would say "It is good we asked Takami Industries to do this work."

Consultation and estimates inquiries

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Telephone:052-389-5611 FAX:052-389-5612 Hours|Weekdays9:00〜17:00

Accept inquiries from all locations in Japan *For inquiries from distant locations reply timing might be slightly delayed

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