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Please leave laser cutting, cutting, bending, laser welding to Limited Company Takami Industries located in Nagoya City of Aichi Prefecture.
We are a group of professionals in laser processing which will ensure processing of metal materials such as stainless steel in small lot with minimum delivery time.

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3 Strengths of Takami Industries

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Proven Record of 16 Years since Foundation.
Specialist in laser processing.

We are specialists which perform of all kinds of designs, processing and polishing using metal materials such as aluminum and stainless steel. We perform variety of processing types starting from custom laser fusing processing for food and chemical plants or building materials which are used
in outdoor architecture frames to small parts which require accuracy to the level of 0.1 millimeter.
We carry on processes of laser fusing, bending and welding in-house and can ensure cutting up
to 0.1-22mm and welding up to 0.2mm level.
We have the self-confidence and pride in the laser processing technology.
Please contact us for the most challenging Processing requests, which were given up by other companies.

01Fulfilling 98% of Customer Request!

Limited Company Takami Industries performs welding processing of various shapes (hole, round, corner, R, omit etc.) from stock of stainless steel plates up to the thickness of 22mm held in-house. Size limitations are up to 1,524×3,048mm. Accuracy level up to 0.1mm. We also perform bending and welding of different types. All operations are carried out with necessary stress relief.
In addition, we have expanded the range of our welding equipment by introduction a new state-of-the-art laser welding machine in March of 2016.
We try our best to ensure almost 100% satisfaction of our Customers in the complexity of demands.

We enable fusion cutting of plate thickness up to 22mm!

We overcome usual plate thickness limitation of 16mm which is a usual limit in our industry by performing fusion cutting by varying laser injection amount and injection pressure.

image image image

We also support R type bending and long product bending!

We perform bending process by changing pressure stress level in a hybrid machine. Length up to 3.048mm is possible to process.

image image image

Distortion free spot welding and laser welding is possible!

We process jobs of plate thickness up to 2mm using recently introduced state-of-the-art laser welding machine which enables to reach results of almost "Full welding" and no-distortion spot welding by our skilled craftsmen stress release techniques.

image image image

02Minimum delivery time of just 1 Day!

We try our best to ensure fastest possible timing for the orders which have been received at the period from previous night to midday. We store all data from previous records and utilize most trusted software to enable service of highest level.
Our programmers are highly skilled and our operators can understand the slightest "mood" of our machines. In order to maintain reliability and accuracy of our machines, we pay great importance to maintenance and idling or our equipment. We constantly consider introduction of most optimal state-of-the art processing equipment. Our passion comes from desire to do all possible to satisfy our Customer. Please contact us.

We deliver high quality products with minimum production lead time due to our re-engineering technology and cutting-edge equipment.

Our re-engineering expertise allows us to provide the most adequate material and processing methods satisfying our Customer needs at the highest level.
Please come to Kouno Seisakusyo before giving up the most sophisticated production ideas.

Delivery time of just 1 day is possible for a product which usually is delivered in 7 days

Processable materials

Metal material stainless steel / iron / aluminum / titanium / high alloy

03Group of professionals with thorough knowledge about Laser Processing

Our President has been closely involved with laser equipment for 35 years. He has a thorough knowledge about laser machines and laser processing technology. Our Chairman has 40 years of experience in stainless steel industry. He has a vast knowledge about plate rates and customers. Our employees are doing their job with great enthusiasm and using rich knowledge about machines, programming and plate properties. Please leave Stainless steel cutting, bending and soldering/welding to Takami Industries. Please contact us regarding any possible inquiries - including difficult to process materials.

We are a group of professionals thoroughly specified in special field.

In a challenge to become world best professional working with difficult to process materials, each worker is aiming to become a professional with special field knowledge. In a challenge to become world best professional working with difficult to process materials, each worker is aiming to become a professional with special field knowledge. All workers - from veteran craftsmen to young engineers in Takami Industries are highly motivated and work with high great enthusiasm. We are also highly conducted to the training of young experts and our company is filled with vibrant atmosphere.

We are a group of professionals thoroughly specified in special field. image

Employees Introduction

Ryugi Fuchita
  • Name: Ryugi Fuchita
  • Position:Soldering and welding specialist
Takuya Machida
  • Name: Takuya Machida
  • Position:Programmer, Laser machine assistant, Laser welding equipment operator
Tadamasa Onodera
  • Name: Tadamasa Onodera
  • Position:Programmer
Satoshi Sugiura
  • Name: Satoshi Sugiura
  • Position:Laser equipment operator
Yuji Hoshino
  • Name: Yuji Hoshino
  • Position:Laser equipment operator
Masaki Hoshino
  • Name: Masaki Hoshino
  • Position:Bending equipment operator, Laser welding equipment operator
Satoshi Kuroda
  • Name: Satoshi Kuroda
  • Position:Programmer
Manabu Sasaki
  • Name: Manabu Sasaki
  • Position:Laser equipment operator
Kimitoshi Matsuyuki
  • Name: Kimitoshi Matsuyuki
  • Position:Accounting, Bending equipment assistant, welding equipment assistant, Laser welding equipment assistant
Noriko Matsunami
  • Name: Noriko Matsunami
  • Position:Sales agent
  • Name: Masatoki Ooyama
  • Position:Expert working since foundation, Laser machine assistant, Part time worker
Yoshiaki Sato
  • Name: Yoshiaki Sato
  • Position:Operator assistant
Kazuya Nishio
  • Name: Kazuya Nishio
  • Position:welding specialist
Please contact us, if you are facing challenges, such as! Is my current processing supplier really appropriate? / Is this processing method fast enough? / Is there a possibility of cost down? / I was told that requested material is too complicated to process? Please leave it to a Us - a Group of Professionals.

Consultation and estimates inquiries

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Telephone:052-389-5611 FAX:052-389-5612 Hours|Weekdays9:00〜17:00

Accept inquiries from all locations in Japan *For inquiries from distant locations reply timing might be slightly delayed

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